Appalachian Trail Resupply

Appalachian Trail Resupply Map

On this page we put together a comprehensive map of all the different popular resupply points along the Appalachian Trail (AT). If you’re having trouble viewing the map, click here and you will be redirected to it.  There’s 100 different resupply points on this list and we made sure to include all the information you will need about each point. If you click on each point you can see the mailing address, distance from Springer, distance off the trail, latitude/longitude and phone number.

Before shipping a resupply package to any of these points make sure to call them ahead of time to ensure that the location is still open and accepting packages. Also, remember that many of these locations are small post offices that have limited hours. Make sure that you plan to pick up your packages during their business hours.

Further down below the map we include some other useful information you should know about how to resupply on the AT.

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How to ship a resupply package to the Appalachian Trail

On the map above we have all of the most popular resupply points along the Appalachian Trail (AT). Nearly all of the popular resupply locations along the AT are post offices (PO). When shipping to a PO you must use USPS as the shipping carrier. 

Most hikers ship their resupply packages using USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes. Flat Rate boxes are convenient because you don’t get charged based upon weight. Click Here to read about USPS Flat rate shipping boxes. With USPS Priority Mail shipments boxes are shipped using a 2 or 3 day shipping method depending on the distance of the shipment. 

Important: Make sure to use the provided Latitude and Longitude when navigating to the various post offices. Many of the physical addresses for the post offices will take you to locations far from their actual location. 

In general, this is how you address a resupply box to a PO along the AT: 

[Your Name]
C/O General Delivery
[City], [State] [Zip Code]
Please Hold for AT Hiker
ETA: _______

Resupply at Appalachian Trail Hostels

Unlike many other long-distance trails in the United States, It’s very common for hikers to spend a lot of time in Hostels along the AT. The pros and cons of staying in Hostels along the AT is a whole separate topic that we won’t elaborate on here but one important thing to know about AT Hostels is they are are common resupply sources for AT hikers. There’s a few main ways hikers resupply at AT hostels:

Buy Resupply at the Hostel

Many of the hostels that you come across along the AT have food/gear there for your to purchase. Make sure to check with the individual hostel and do some searching around the AT forums to get some insider info on the quality of the resupply. This is a good option if you’re someone that isn’t particularly picky or have any dietary restrictions. You’re likely to find quick snack foods and candy at the hostels rather than bulk or fresh ingredients.

Additionally, lots of the hostels offer meals ranging from a make your own breakfast to a full restaurant. Many times these meals are included in your stay but check with the individual hostel.

Shuttle into Town

It’s common for hiker hostels to offer shuttle services. If your hostel is remote and further than a short walk to town then many hostels will have a shuttle service to a grocery store and/or restaurant. You will find that some hostels are very close to resupply options that you can walk to.

Mail Resupply Packages

Most AT hostels you come across will either accept and hold resupply packages for you or are located close enough to a post office that you can mail packages to. Mailing resupply packages is a popular option for AT hikers because you have more control over your diet and spend less time on your zero days planning how much food you need for the next section. Mailing packages is more expensive than just relying on purchasing along the way but that isn’t as much of a factor for some hikers.

Keep in mind that not all Hostels will accept and hold packages and some do charge a fee. Usually, if you’re staying at a hostel it’s free but it isn’t uncommon for hostels to change a small fee for non-guests. We always recommend contacting any resupply points before shipping a package there as policies do change. It’s most common to use USPS to ship packages but some request you use UPS/FedEx.

Using our Resupply Service

If you do want to mail some resupply shipments to a hostel we can do it for you. To do this, create a free account on our resupply service page and build your box or boxes. If you don’t see the hostel/hostels listed as locations in our resupply service application just contact us and we will add them for you. Anywhere you can ship a box, we can ship it for you. You can even login to your account and place orders from the trail as your needs change.

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