Trail Resource Pages

We’ve put together a ton of information about the PCT, JMT and AT. We’re adding content every day and will be expanding our resource pages very soon to provide you with information about other trails as well. If you have any questions, or would like to inquire about other trails please feel free to contact us! 

Pacific Crest Trail

PCT Overview

On this page we give you a quick overview of the trail and provide information about the different directions hikers hike the trail. 

PCT Resupply

On this page we give you a lot of information about resupplying on a thru-hike. We also provide you with a lot of the specifics about resupplying on the PCT including maps of the different resupply points. 

PCT Permits

On this page we tell you everything you need to know about permits if you’re hiking the PCT. There’s a lot of very specific information you need to know if you’re doing any long-distance section of the PCT. We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

John Muir Trail

JMT Overview

On this page we give you a history of the trail, information about John Muir and a quick overview of the trail. 

JMT Resupply

The JMT is often the first hike people take where they will need to be resupplied. We have a lot of information on this page specific to the JMT that can help everyone prepare their resupply strategy.

JMT Permits

Did you know that most people that apply for a JMT permit won’t get one? The popularity of the trail has increased dramatically in recent years and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to hopefully be one of the lucky ones that gets a JMT permit.

Appalachian Trail

AT Resupply

Finding complete and accurate information about Appalachian Trail resupply points can be difficult. On this page, we’ve created a convenience map of most all of the popular resupply points along the trail.

Coming Soon!

We’ve put together a lot of information on the Appalachian Trail and are currently working really hard with our partners to get more information available to you very soon! 

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