Who are you?

Hello, my name is Spencer. I’m a hiker originally from California but now living in Oregon. The short version is that I’ve worked in the outdoor industry for a few years and ran into a lot of people with resupply questions. I created Trail Supply Co. to be an awesome resource for all long-distance hikers. We have a free resource for all hikers to plan and visualize their entire resupply strategy. We also have a paid resupply service for hikers looking for the convenience of having someone else assemble store and ship their boxes for them. Want to know more about the service? See the next FAQ:

How exactly does the service work?

Here’s the simple version:

Use our resupply planning application to plan out your entire resupply strategy.

  • Tell us exactly what you want in each resupply box and when and where you want them to arrive.
  • Pay for everything beforehand and we’ll pack, store and ship each of your resupply packages for you.
  • As you’re hiking you can login to your account and make changes to future resupply shipments. Change whats arriving in your boxes and even edit when and where boxes get shipped to.
  • If you’re unable to finish your hike you can cancel remaining resupply shipments and be refunded

What trails do you ship to?

In our resupply planning application, we have all of the resupply points built in for the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), Appalachian Trail (AT), John Muir Trail (JMT), and Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT). If you’d like to use Trail Supply Co. for another trail please let us know! We would love to work with you!

What products do you offer?

We have 400+ items in our product catalog currently. If you want to browse the catalog Click Here to navigate to the resupply planning application and you can see the items for yourself. We’ve tried to anticipate all the thru-hiking essentials by including a wide variety of food and gear items. Our goal is to be able to put anything into your resupply package that you would be able to include yourself. So if you don’t see one of your trail necessities let us know!

What if you don't have a product I want?

No problem! There’s a few ways to request a product be added. Send us an email to hello@trailsupplyco.com, submit a form on this page or Click Here to talk to us on Instant Chat.

Do you ship to other locations?

Yes! We often times have customers that want a first box shipped to their home so they have food/supplies to start their hike. If you’re traveling by plane either from another country or another part of the country we often ship packages to hiker’s hotels so they have all their food ready for them to start their hike when they arrive.

We have all the addresses of the various resupply points built in to the application but if you’d like to give us a custom address to ship to then simply send us an email or contact us via instant chat on the homepage.

How much does the service cost?

Pay for the items you want in your resupply box and the price we way for shipping. That’s it.

What am I paying for?

  • We take your list for each resupply shipment and purchase all of your items for you.
  • We assemble all of your resupply packages for you to your exact specifications.
  • We securely store your boxes and ensure they get shipped out on time.
  • Flexibility to edit your resupply shipments from the trail. Think you might get tired of Clif Bars after your second resupply shipment? With Trail Supply Co. you can login to your account from the trail and change what’s arriving in future boxes.
  • Insurance to cancel shipments. If you are unable to finish your hike for any reason you can cancel remaining resupply shipments and get a refund.
  • Shipping Charges
  • Access to the resupply planning application and our team to answer any of your questions.

What shipping method do you use?

Typically we use USPS. However, there are some resupply points that require alternate shipping methods be used. We’ll handle all of that–just tell us where and when you want your boxes to be delivered and we’ll handle the logistics.

What if I have specific items I already own and want to include in my resupply shipments?

No problem! Contact Us and we’ll send you a shipping label to ship us your items that you’d like included in your resupply shipment.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all credit cards and PayPal. We use a secure third part payment processor to process your transaction and do not store any of your credit card information.

How do I submit an order?

  1. Go to your Trip Overview
  2. Click the link in the green box below the list of your saved boxes
  3. Select the boxes you are ready to order
  4. Click the “Place Order” button

After you place your order an invoice will be emailed to you shortly with payment options

How do coupon codes work?

If you have a coupon code enter it on the final checkout page and the invoice that is emailed to you will reflect your discount.

What if we're shipping to Muir Trail Ranch?

Muir Trail Ranch, like several other resupply locations, charge a fee for you to pick up your resupply package. It changes from year to year but is currently $80/bucket. What is unique about Muir Trail Ranch is that they require you to register your bucket with them before you ship it. If you’re using our resupply service we will handle it all for you. We will charge you their $80 fee, pass it along to them and register your box for you. They also require you use a bucket as your resupply container. We automatically send all shipments to Muir Trail Ranch in a bucket and add $10 to your invoice for the price of the bucket.

Shipping to Muir Trail Ranch can be quite complicated because they have many specific requirements. We know all of these so if you’re using Trail Supply Co. for your resupply then don’t worry about it. If you’re shipping there yourself then make sure to read all of the guidelines on their website.

Do you ship in 5-gallon buckets?

Some resupply points require you to use a bucket to ship your resupply. We do have 5-gallon buckets available for $10.

How do I delete a box from my trip?

The ability to delete a box is not currently a feature that is available but is part of a whole new set of features that we’re testing right now and will be launching in late December. So there’s not currently a way to delete a box but there will be very soon!

Here’s some current workarounds:

Change the location of the box to another location that you’re going to want a box shipped to. Do this by clicking the  icon next to the location.

The other option is to just ignore that box for a few more weeks until the delete box feature is live.

I’m sorry about the temporary inconvenience but will get this issue taken care of very soon! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with additional questions.

Do you have Gluten Free, Vegan or Vegetarian products?

Yes! We do have gluten free, vegan and vegetarian products in our product catalog. We have gone through our entire catalog and tagged each of these items as such so you can easily sort by whatever your dietary preference may be.

Trail Supply Co. does not guarantee the accuracy of any such nutritional or allergy information on our website, as the actual nutritional specifications of these products may vary from those listed on the website. We do our best to keep accurate information on our website but ultimately it is the burden of the user to decide if a product complies with their specific dietary preference or allergy. If you have a specific dietary restriction, preference or allergy always check with the specific manufacturer of the product for accurate information.

Note on Outdoor Herbivore products. Outdoor Herbivore products are listed on the website as being “Gluten Free”. This is true in that their products do not contain Gluten but they do warn that their products “May be suitable for those with gluten sensitivities, but is produced in a facility that does process gluten products. We recommend you not consume this product if you are highly allergic to gluten.” Read more about it here on their website.